Travel System - Safe'n Sound (birth to 12mths or 12kg) by Safe-n-Sound



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Travel System - Safe'n Sound (birth to 12mths or 12kg)
  • Save money by combining the hire of a capsule plus a stroller.
  • Save your back by making the capsule easier to move once out of the car.
  • This package combines the Unity Baby Carrier with the Profile Stroller.
  • Baby can be placed directly from the car into the stroller without removing baby from capsule.
  • Ideal for quick shopping trips, kinder/school drop offs or anywhere you don't want to carry the capsule or disturb the baby,
  • Highly recommended by previous hirer's.
  • Please enquire about a 2nd base for your extra car. Have one capsule which fits in two vehicles eg the work car and the family car.
  • Professional installation is available for $20.00.